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My consulting business comprises three areas:  

d/b/a The Mineral Habit
Retail and Online Mineral and Fossil Dealer

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Formal and Informal Science Education

In addition to teaching a variety of college-level earth science courses, I worked as an earth science content specialist on several grant-funded projects involving K-12 teacher professional development. 

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K-12 Earth Science Education

Author & Speaker

You can get a signed copy of my book from me through the mail or at one of my mineral shows (link above). 

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Environmental and Engineering Geology Consultation

Environmental geology involves the interactions between humans and the geologic environment, including floods, slope failures, erosion problems, groundwater and the like. Engineering geology is the study of how geologic materials (soil, sediment, groundwater, rocks) interact with structures.

One area I concentrate in is diagnosing the causes of a range of problems encountered by homeowners including: foundation damage, basement water entry, flooding, erosion, radon and slope movement.  The geologic environment is the source of these problems, and it is critical to understand the geologic processes involved before a repair is attempted.

I do not do foundation repair work, waterproofing, landscaping or radon mitigation, so I will provide an independent opinion about why a problem exists, and what to do about it.

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Foundation Damage & Basement Water

Site Flooding, Erosion & Slope Stability

Elevated Radon Readings

Environmental Consulting

Geological Reports

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More About Me

I am a geologist, educator and writer with more than 25 years experience providing consulting to residential and commercial clients in the areas of environmental and engineering geology, and teaching at the college level. My education included coursework in hydrogeology, hydrology, environmental geology, geological aspects of land use planning, soil and rock mechanics, and groundwater engineering.

I worked for several years as a geologist and project manager for environmental engineering companies, both full-time and as a consultant. Project experience included dioxin and Superfund sites in Missouri and Nebraska, underground storage tank remediation, and in-well groundwater remediation. 

I began consulting to homeowners in the mid-1980s at the Center for Underground Studies at UMKC, as part of a program that generated research funds through consulting projects. Following completion of my doctorate (which focused on local radon sources) I continued work as a private consultant to both residential and commercial clients assessing foundation damage, water entry and radon problems.

Licensure and Memberships:

  Registered Geologist, Missouri
  Licensed Geologist, Kansas
  Member, National Association of Geoscience Teachers
  Member, Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists



























































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